A Criminal Charge Could Be Grounds for Divorce

Posted on: 2 November 2018

Among the many different grounds for divorce, a spouse's brush with the law could potentially have you thinking about splitting up your marriage. If this is the case, you'll want to confer with a family and divorce attorney who can discuss your situation and help you to complete the paperwork to move forward. When it comes to a spouse's criminal charge leading to divorce, many people automatically think about spousal abuse. While this is a common cause for divorce, there are other legal situations that your spouse may get into that could compel you to leave him or her. Here are some examples.

Crimes Against Children

Criminal actions against children are among the most serious in society, and they can definitely lead to grounds for divorce. Obviously, your spouse committing any crimes against your own children will likely have you taking steps toward a divorce immediately, but there can be situations in which your spouse is alleged to have committed crimes against other children that could also be grounds for a divorce. For example, if your spouse is a sports coach or youth organization leader and has been charged with crimes against the children in his or her care, you'll likely be thinking about divorce.

Drug Crimes

People frequently seek divorces because of drug addiction. For example, one spouse's drug problems can make him or her unreliable, leading his or her spouse to choose to leave. However, addiction isn't the only drug-related issue that may be grounds for divorce. If your spouse has been charged with a drug-related crime, such as distribution, you may find that this news is shocking and goes against what you believe. You may then decide to speak to a divorce attorney right away.

Harassment Crimes

Another type of crime that may occur in your life is a harassment-based crime with charges coming against your spouse. Harassment can come in many forms, and you may find the particulars of your spouse's case to be egregious. For example, perhaps you learn that he or she has been harassing his or her ex-partner online or in person, or maybe someone who works with your spouse has complained about workplace harassment and criminal charges have been filed. These are scenarios that can dramatically shift your view of your partner, especially if you weren't aware that these things had been taking place. Speaking to a legal expert will be the first step in filing for divorce.

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