Three Instances That Might Land Your Divorce In Court

Posted on: 20 March 2016

If you are going through a divorce, you might be hoping that this will be an amicable and easy process. There can be some major roadblocks that can make a seamless divorce nearly impossible. Here are three instances where coming to an agreement outside of court might be impossible.

1. Custody Differences

If your ex suddenly changes from being a team player to saying untruthful things about your ability to raise your children, this is a bad sign. It is a good idea at this point to protect yourself with a divorce or family law attorney that can be your advocate if a resolution cannot be reached outside of court. If your divorce looks as if it is headed towards a custody battle, it is best if you have a family law attorney on your side. This will ensure that your parental rights are protected and you aren't mislabeled in court as a bad parent.

2. Murky Finances

If you weren't the one in charge of the accounting for your family, you might have suspicions on your financial situation. If you aren't sure that you will be protected financially after a divorce, get a lawyer on your side to do some research on your behalf. If something just isn't adding up or your ex isn't being transparent about properties, assets, or retirement savings, these can all be telltale signs. You might end up in court in order to ensure that your future is protected and that you are granted rights to assets that you shared and helped build together over time. Don't let your ex-spouse bully you into thinking that you don't need to know about financial details during your divorce and settle for something that might be unfair.

3. A Volatile Relationship in the Past

If your spouse has ever been violent or has put you or your children in harm's way, mediation or an outside settlement might not be an effective way to dissolve your marriage. Divorce can be stressful and bring the worst out of people, even if you haven't seen this side of your ex-spouse in years. If you feel as if you've seen your spouse act out violently or in an abusive manner in the past, don't try to downplay this. You and your children's safety are more important. Disclosing all of your concerns and past details to your divorce attorney will help them move forward with a plan that keeps you out of harm's way even if you do end up in court.

If you have always been in the caretaking role to take care of your entire family, it is now time to protect yourself, your children, and your assets. If your divorce might be headed to court, the time and cost to secure a professional attorney, like Robert L. Flanagan, will your best option for the process.