• Natural Disasters Can Affect Child Custody Agreements

    Most people understand that where they live, especially when it comes to their risk for natural disasters, will affect every facet of their life. However, one area where this impact is often overlooked is child custody agreements. Depending on where you live, you might need to make provisions in your agreement to ensure you're covered. Agreements are Law A child custody agreement is a legally binding agreement. Therefore, all parties involved in the agreement are expected to abide by it at all times. [Read More]

  • How You Can Get Alimony From Your Wife

    It's not just wives who get alimony after divorce; even husbands can get alimony, depending on the circumstances of their marriage. Below are some of the circumstances that may entitle you to spousal support from your former wife. You Make Less Money The main aim of alimony is to ensure everyone continuous with the standard of living they were used to during the marriage. You probably pooled your resources during your marriage, and your wife didn't enjoy a better standard of living compared to you because of her higher income. [Read More]

  • 3 Tips For A Quick Divorce

    Divorce is something that most couples want to avoid, however, in some cases parting ways is the best option. Somewhere between 40 and 50 percent of couples in the US end up getting a divorce. Divorces run the gamut from quick and amicable to long and bitter. No matter what your situation is, chances are that you and your partner want to go your separate ways as soon as possible. If you are separating from your marriage partner, here are three tips for a quick divorce. [Read More]

  • When Your Ex Is Difficult: Getting Through Your Divorce With An Attorney By Your Side

    When it comes to getting a divorce, few people have an easy time dealing with their former spouse. If you have an ex who is argumentative and refuses to compromise on anything, it's important to get a divorce lawyer involved right away. There's a reason you are divorcing, and when your ex can't have a civil conversation with you to come up with a divorce agreement, you will need to hire an attorney to do the talking for you. [Read More]

  • Broken Promises: Who Rightfully Owns The Ring?

    When an engagement falls through, many former fiances promptly give the engagement ring back. In fact, doing so seems to make the act of breaking up more concrete. In some cases, however, things don't resolve that smoothly. Read on to find out what could happen when a dispute arises over who rightfully owns the diamond engagement ring. State Laws Affect the Disposition There are at least three main legal models that deal with engagement ring ownership issues in various states. [Read More]