3 Important Reasons To Consider Hiring A Divorce Attorney

Posted on: 11 August 2017

Are you currently married but are wishing that you weren't? Have you been making plans to file for divorce as soon as possible? Filing for divorce is a serious matter and is a decision that obviously shouldn't be made lightly. Regardless of whether you've only just decided that you need a divorce or you've been planning this for a while, one thing that you absolutely must do whenever possible is to hire an attorney to handle your divorce. Although people do manage to get divorced without one, there are a number of reasons why you should use a lawyer. Some of the most important reasons include:

Custody disputes: If you and your current spouse have one or more children, divorce can be even more complicated than it would be without children. Figuring out who will have custody and when visitations will take place is an important part of the divorce proceedings. Your divorce attorney will be able to argue on your behalf more easily than you would be able to argue on your own. 

Transferring personal property: Even if your decision to get divorced is a mutual one, there may still be some resentment. This resentment can boil over when it comes time to return hair dryers, knick-knacks, and other personal property items that you or they may accidentally still have. If you meet face to face, this resentment could turn into emotional tears or an argument. You could try to do the swap at a friend or relative's place, but few of them are going to want to get involved. But the office of your divorce attorney will provide a relatively neutral place to exchange items and you need not even meet face-to-face while doing so.

Paperwork: If nothing else, getting divorced involves filling out a lot of paperwork. Should you or the person that you're divorcing forget to fill out or turn in any of this paperwork, then you're not going to actually be divorced. Later on, when one of you tries to remarry again, you could find yourself committing accidental bigamy. An experienced divorce attorney, such as from Eschbacher Law ,
will know what paperwork still needs to be filled out and when it needs to be submitted so that the divorce can proceed. They can fill out most of the paperwork for you and can provide gentle reminders when it's necessary for you to fill out or sign a form so that they can turn it into the court system.