When Your Ex Is Difficult: Getting Through Your Divorce With An Attorney By Your Side

Posted on: 31 March 2019

When it comes to getting a divorce, few people have an easy time dealing with their former spouse. If you have an ex who is argumentative and refuses to compromise on anything, it's important to get a divorce lawyer involved right away. There's a reason you are divorcing, and when your ex can't have a civil conversation with you to come up with a divorce agreement, you will need to hire an attorney to do the talking for you. A divorce lawyer will know what you are entitled to and will be able to negotiate on your behalf. If communication has to cease between you and your ex because of mistreatment, you can have your attorney speak for you instead.

Difficult Spouses Who Bully Instead of Negotiating

A negotiation is two-sided, with both sides giving in a little so that everyone can be satisfied. No one is going to be completely happy with what they get from a divorce, but the goal is to get most of what you want. If you are dealing with a bully who says no to everything, you'll need a legal professional to handle your ex for you. A bully won't give in at all and will end up fighting you for almost anything.

Your Lawyer Is the Voice of Reason

You may be used to giving in all the time with your ex, just to get them to stop their behavior. When this dynamic was present throughout your marriage, a difficult person doesn't know how to handle it when you say no. Your lawyer is a voice of reason, and it is a good idea to talk issues over with your attorney before you make any decisions regarding your ex. While you may believe you should sign a custody agreement you don't like or you think you need to give your ex the majority of everything, this won't be true. 

Try to Maintain Your Peace

When your ex is being difficult, remember to keep your own peace. No matter what your ex threatens, know that you are doing your best and this will eventually end. When your ex is difficult and your divorce seems like it will never end, legal representation can make all the difference.

Divorce is tough on most people, but it is particularly stressful for those who have an ex that is used to getting their own way. Stand your ground and hire a divorce lawyer who can do the talking for you.

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