How You Can Get Alimony From Your Wife

Posted on: 27 August 2019

It's not just wives who get alimony after divorce; even husbands can get alimony, depending on the circumstances of their marriage. Below are some of the circumstances that may entitle you to spousal support from your former wife.

You Make Less Money

The main aim of alimony is to ensure everyone continuous with the standard of living they were used to during the marriage. You probably pooled your resources during your marriage, and your wife didn't enjoy a better standard of living compared to you because of her higher income. Therefore, if you divorce, the court may order your wife to pay you spousal support to help you continue with the same standard of living.

You Financed Your Wife's Education

A good education is a common base for higher income. Therefore, if you paid for your wife's education and they now have a good income, then it's only fair that you should benefit from the good income too. After all, you probably paid for your wife's education, knowing that you would enjoy the eventual fruits together.

You Helped Your Wife Start A Business

You also deserve alimony if you helped your wife to start a business and they now have more resources than you do. Maybe you paid for your wife's rents the first few months of their entrepreneurship, you donated one of your office spaces for the wife or provided the seed money for their investment. In such a case, the wife shouldn't enjoy all the benefits of your joint investment.

You Were a Stay-At-Home Parent

Not every contribution during marriage involves finances. For example, you can help your partner by taking care of the home and the kids while they focus on their career, business, or education. So, if you have been a stay-at-home parent most of your marriage life, which is the contribution you made to your partner's success, and you deserve alimony upon your divorce.

You Have As Many Expenses as She Does

Alimony is not paid for the sake of it; alimony is supposed to lift you up so that you are roughly equal as far as your standard of living is concerned. This means you deserve alimony if you have roughly the same or more expenses as your wife. Maybe you are chronically sick and need help with your household chores. Your wife should help you pay for the expenses just as they would have helped if you were still married.

As you can see, gender doesn't play a role when it comes to alimony determination. Consult a firm like Hugh O. Allen Law Offices for further help on getting alimony after your divorce.