When You Slip And Fall: How To Seek Compensation

Posted on: 22 August 2022

Slip and fall accidents are common. However, proving that the business or homeowner is responsible for your injury and damages can be challenging. You are probably owed money damages, so find out how to get them by reading below.

Slip and Fall Accidents

It's easy to imagine how these accidents occur. Almost anything can cause a hazard that leads to a fall. While victims are often embarrassed and feel clumsy after an accident in a business or home, they should ask themselves what led to the slip and fall. If something else besides being distracted or a physical impairment caused you to fall, consider taking action against the owner. For example, stores are sometimes full of hazards for customers. Situations like spills, electrical cords, irregularities in flooring, mats that are easy to trip over, and more can cause customers to slip and then fall.

What You Need to Do Right Away

To be paid for your damages, take the following steps immediately:

  1. Inform the store manager or homeowner of your injury. Stores are usually required to fill out an accident report for their insurance carriers.
  2. Take photographs of the scene and focus on the hazard that caused the fall. For example, photograph the food spill that you slipped on.
  3. Seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Waiting will weaken your case. Let the doctor or emergency room know that you were in an accident.

Following Up on Your Injury

In most cases, businesses will refer your case to their insurer. In the meantime, keep up with your expenses related to the accident. That means keeping up with your damages like medical expenses, ruined personal property, lost wages from missed work, etc. You are entitled to be paid for these damages.

In addition, you may be eligible for the payment of pain and suffering. This category of damages is reserved for cases with a more serious injury. For example, it's entirely possible to suffer from a head injury from a slip and fall. If your injury was serious, you need to seek the help of a personal injury lawyer.

Speak to a Lawyer

You are entitled to be paid after a slip and fall accident. In many cases, the insurer for the homeowner or business will make you an offer that covers your damages. However, some victims must take additional actions to be paid for their damages. If you are unhappy with the offer or the other side is not cooperating with you, speak to a lawyer. If your damages are high, you may also be entitled to pain and suffering.

For more information, reach out to a personal injury attorney near you.