How Will Adultery Impact A Custody Case?

Posted on: 5 April 2016

When dealing with a divorce, filing for custody can be a difficult and complicated task. Things grow even more complex when adultery becomes a factor. Although infidelity does not always impact much within the actual divorce proceedings, it does influence how a judge may rule when deciding who will receive custody of a child. What Exactly Does Adultery Effect? For the most part, how faithful a partner is towards the other partner doesn't really matter as long as the parent cares for the child. [Read More]

How Will Adultery Impact A Divorce Case?

Posted on: 5 April 2016

Divorce is complicated as it is, but when you add adultery to the mix, you complicate matters further. Infidelity can dramatically impact the grounds for divorce while also affecting the dividing of assets. Grounds for Divorce When filing for a divorce, you have to essentially choose the grounds on which you are divorcing your partner. You have the option to choose several different grounds, but one of those is adultery. [Read More]

Who Gets Custody Of Your Puppies When You Get A Divorce?

Posted on: 4 April 2016

If you and your spouse bought puppies at a happier time in your marriage, you may not be so eager to part with them when you go through a divorce. While the law generally regards pets as property like your electronic equipment or furniture, some courts recognize that dogs are part of the family and may choose to award custody based on other factors. Here are some things which might affect who walks away from your marriage with your dogs. [Read More]

Adultery Is Still A Crime In Some States And Not Only A Top Reason For Divorce

Posted on: 28 March 2016

Adultery remains one of the top reasons couples get divorced in the United States. While some couples are able to get past it and work out their problems, there are many who deem it a much too difficult indiscretion to get past. Did you know that adultery is still illegal in some states? Criminal charges for affairs include fines, jail time, or both.  Arizona Arizona's laws on adultery could send you or your spouse to jail for up to a month. [Read More]