When You Slip And Fall: How To Seek Compensation

Posted on: 22 August 2022

Slip and fall accidents are common. However, proving that the business or homeowner is responsible for your injury and damages can be challenging. You are probably owed money damages, so find out how to get them by reading below. Slip and Fall Accidents It's easy to imagine how these accidents occur. Almost anything can cause a hazard that leads to a fall. While victims are often embarrassed and feel clumsy after an accident in a business or home, they should ask themselves what led to the slip and fall. [Read More]

Who Should Get Custody Of The Children?

Posted on: 23 May 2022

When a couple parts ways, any children that they may have will be part of the divorce. In fact, protecting the health and well-being of a child is foremost to the family court judges and other officials. Working out custody arrangements can be an emotional but extremely important task for the parents. To learn more about how to go about making a plan that works, is fair, and takes into consideration the happiness of minor children, read on. [Read More]

Stop The Divorce! How To Bring Your Plan To Part Ways To A Full Stop

Posted on: 15 December 2021

While divorce is certainly a legal matter, it's also one fraught with emotions. No one wants to divorce unless it's absolutely necessary, and many couples decide to keep trying even once divorce plans are put in motion. You can stop a divorce If you act in time but what action you take depends on where you are in the process. Read on and find out more. Your Divorce Is Final [Read More]

What To Expect When You Retain A Skillful Criminal Defense Attorney

Posted on: 19 August 2021

When you have been arrested for and charged with a crime, you have a constitutional right to defend yourself in court. However, your limited or nonexistent legal knowledge may not afford you the skills needed to prove your innocence and get the charges against you dropped. Instead of risking the possibility of jail time and expensive fines, you can retain someone to represent you in your case. You can find this representation when you hire a criminal defense attorney. [Read More]